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So, I doubt anyone's noticed but I haven't been on DA for over a year I think. My inbox currently says 16,038 messages/deviations/journals. Holy crap! Yeah I'm not even gonna try. I'm just gonna start fresh and start trying to get back into the swing of things. That is to say, back into the swing of not actually doing any writing and looking through deviations to make a few sparse faves.

Update on life:

I'm now gainfully employed as an intern web developer and have been since the end of August 2012. I work mainly in the Python programming language but sometimes use Java as well. I still have a long way to go and I'm sorta lucky to still be employed. I'm mostly still here due to the good will of my boss and I've nearly been fired for really stupid choices a couple of times but I'm working on getting better and be valuable. I'd rather stay with the company as long as possible.

I have an Xbox360 and PSP now and you better believe I've stockpiled a lot of games! I also moved about six months ago so all of my old pictures of my gaming setup are a bit out of date. My current one looks kinda the same but I have no shelves since we had to throw all the old ones out so now I've just got games stacked on the floor. Maybe I should save a bit of money up and buy new shelves. :P

As usual I play mainly RPGs but am still a MASSIVE Sonic fan. I can't wait til E3 to see if they announce any new Sonic stuff. I've also started getting more Sonic merch and the comics but I need to get all the older stuff too! Maybe a yearly subscription to Archie will help to keep me up-to-date with the comics though.....

I think that's about it. I've been thinking of doing more writing lately but my job and gaming keep me pretty preoccupied so don't keep your hopes up, peeps. :P
  • Listening to: Iced Earth
  • Reading: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns
  • Watching: Blue Gender
  • Playing: God of War II
  • Drinking: Passion Tea


United States
Hello, welcome to my page. I'm not much of an artist or writer anymore but I am an avid art appreciator. I fully admit to, and make no qualms with, adoring the female figure. Most of my faves are of women and/or characters from games and anime I love. I am a beauty lover and hold no standards to myself as to what I may or may not find beautiful. If you come here and expect a gentlemen....well okay it's not like I'm a barbarian. I try to be kind to everyone but I also value honesty, regardless of situation, so I may come off as rude.

Oh also, I don't exactly identify myself as a "furry" perse because to me there is no actual difference between a furry character and a human character. To me a furry is equivalent to maybe an alien race or even something more down-to-home like an elf would be. They are simply a different race of beings that HAPPEN to have animalistic features. People will still call me a furry but that's not what I'd call myself.

I'm an intern web developer who works mainly in the Python language but also some Java as well.

I'm an AVID video game player and it takes up a good portion of my time when I'm not at work. I do also watch anime but not nearly as much as I game and I'm very far behind most of the time.

I'm a huge metalhead though and especially love Power and Melodic Death Metal. My favorite bands include: Iced Earth, Skeletonwitch, Masterplan and Disturbed. I also listen to a wealth of other genres and have no genre that I dislike so talk to me about anything; I'll just be most likely to not know anything about it unless it's metal. :P

I also watch a lot of cartoons outside of anime though. I AM a brony though I tend to not do much with MLP when there isn't a season going, but even moreso I am a Sonic the Hedgehog superfan. I love every part of the franchise from comics to cartoons to games to merch and even fanworks.

The only other thing I obsess over more than Sonic is the Wild Arms series. It's a series of RPGs between the Playstation 1 and 2 (and one on PSP) that has a mix of sci-fi and western elements. I know, it sounds weird for an RPG to have western stuff in it and that's what makes it so fantastic. Plus it's music and gameplay tend to be AWESOME. Michiko Naruke is my second place for video game composers, first being Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean, Baten Kaitos, Valkyrie Profile, Dark Souls).

Oh and one more thing: I absolutely ADORE webcomics. I read them literally every single day. It doesn't matter what style they are, what culture they are based off of or what genre they portray...I love them. Original Life/Better Days, Namir Deiter/You Say It First, Shortpacked/Dumbing Of Age/It's Walky and Bittersweet Candy Bowl are some of my absolute favorites. If you have a webcomic suggestion throw it at me, I love reading more webcomics!!!

Feel free to comment or note me about anything. I love to talk about things that entertain me. Don't be shy!

(Oh also I have a video game review blog you can see below but it's not very active because I spend more time playing games than reviewing them and it's relatively new and doesn't have any of my crappy old work so feel free to check it out or pass over it)


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